TOP 10 PARTY! So close to the trip… (No Pressure)


Today has been a CRAZY day! Found out this morning that I made the TOP 10 for My Destinations Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition (check out my 3min video submission in my previous post) but I’m not out of the woods yet! Next step: I’m off to the UK on May 18th for a week of challenges to duke it out for the final round the world trip. Looks like I’ll be on my toes for another 5 weeks!

I took this picture while exploring a hilarious interactive exhibit by Martin Creed at the National Gallery of Canada in Ottawa (for more on our capital city, check out my fellow BBB top 10 finalist, Véronique Morissette’s video ). It was a room filled with 20,000 black balloons which you could move through, often in total darkness. They were so tightly packed that sometimes a step forward meant that the balloons you displaced would cause one on the other side of the room to be squished until it burst! It was unnerving and exhilarating all at once, navigating this sea of unpredictability… and the exit was all but impossible to find. The balloons were 5 deep overhead, and flung my hair out in every direction. I could hear other visitors laughing or yelping with every snap crackle & pop, yet had no idea where they were. After much shuffling around, I saw some light filtering through. Aha! At last! But as you see, I came face to face against the glass, far from the exit and able to see the stairs up, up and out, but I still had a journey ahead of me.

…but of course some self portraits were in order, and despite the confused and innocent museum visitors outside, I took my time and collected as much static as possible.

Ok, so that analogy got de-railed a bit, but the point is that I’m not entirely sure how I got here, but I ain’t done yet! I’m honoured and flabbergasted by this new reality, especially given all of the amazing submissions I watched when the competition was open. To all my fellow entrants I just want to say: wanna come surf on my couch? … or, can I come surf on yours? If any of you are in Montreal, drop me a line!

And to my dear readers (or watchers, if you only dig pics) I still need your support! You can “follow” me via facebook traipsing around London in the lead-up to the Big Winner Announcement by clicking on the green tab to the right at:


To get a better picture of the Martin Creed Balloons Exhibit, check out this video:!

YIPPEE!  (fun fact: I just had to look up how to spell YIPPEE!)


4 thoughts on “TOP 10 PARTY! So close to the trip… (No Pressure)

  1. Love love loved this post! The metaphor, truly apt. And learning how to spell yippee was a fantastic bonus. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Hi Nasuna,
    I am glad you made it. And now as your fellow entrant: yes, you are welcome in Sofia and yes, I am already supporting you. Your entrance was one of my (two) favorites. Well, only yours succeeded. The other one ( a guy from Portugal) didn’t. Just do it! I believe it would be easy for you. 🙂 Excuse my English, but it is obvious that I am not a native speaker 🙂

    • Zdrasti Bistra!
      Thank you for your kind words and support! They mean a lot to me… Sofia is definitely on my bucket list. Your English is great – it’s my Bulgarian that needs work 🙂

  3. Ah, I can see you’re doing pretty well with your Bulgarian and don’t worry – you’ll get the chance to improve it once you win the competition and get here 🙂 Once again: good luck in London and as I’m your biggest fan so far, you can count on my full support :)……I hope the spring has arrived in your country and you’re enjoying a nice weather.

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